June 2023

Annual Inspection and Repairs of Vehicle Lifts and Shop Equipment

The City of Bakersfield (City) desires to enter into an agreement with one or multiple qualified vendors for providing annual inspection and repairs of vehicle lifts and shop equipment valued up to Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000). The term of agreement shall be in place for two years from the effective date of the agreement and may be extended in accordance with the provisions of this RFQ/P for two additional one-year periods upon City approval. Vendors can submit a SOQ for inspection and repair of vehicle lifts and shop equipment at the various City facilities. Please carefully review the Scope of Work as vendors shall be responsible for providing materials, labor, equipment, transportation, permits, and services necessary to complete the tasks described within, but not limited to, the Scope of Work.


This solicitation request is to procure professional technical services for the Electromagnetic Inspection of the welded steel pipe in the West Pipeline (WPL) from the Rinconada Water Treatment Plant to the Grainger Turnout. The WPL Inspection and Rehabilitation Project will be conducted in two Phases. The WPL Phase 1 shutdown is scheduled for 1 November 2024 to 30 March 2025 and the WPL Phase 2 shutdown is scheduled for 1 November 2025 to 30 March 2026. Advertisement of the Construction Contract for the WPL Phase I work will occur in February 2024. Valley Water would like to have this procurement completed and finalized by August 2023, so that staff may have time to plan and coordinate with the Successful Proposer.

2023 On-Call Trucking Services Contract(s) for Various Road and Flood Control Maintenance Work

A contract to provide trucking services consisting of trucks and operators to support road and flood control maintenance repair work (“Work”), including transportation of, but not limited to, debris, aggregate, hot mix asphalt, and rock, on an as-needed basis, not to exceed $600,000, in various locations within Contra Costa County, as requested by the Public Works Department.

Energy Savings Company (ESCO) to Conduct an Energy Savings Audit and Analysis

The City of Vacaville seeks to implement energy efficiency upgrades in a manner that prioritizes no upfront costs and provides a guarantee of increased energy performance, and reduced utility consumption and operating costs. The selected qualified energy services company (ESCO) shall develop and implement utility conservation measures, develop cost reduction strategies, and identify any available funding opportunities for the City. The funding generated from such strategies shall be used to provide infrastructure improvements and upgrades.

Street Striping 2023

All of the work to be performed is within the City of Ukiah and consists of painted traffic stripes. General locations of the work are shown in Attachment A. A map will be provided to the successful bidder showing the exact locations of the work to be done. All work will be done under the direction of the City of Ukiah Public Works Department. Work on streets may be painted during night time hours upon approval of the Director of Public Works/City Engineer.

Ukiah Electric Utility Fire Mitigation Undergrounding Project

All of the work to be performed is within the City of Ukiah and consists of; Trench, backfill, compact, boring, install underground conduits for electric primary, install pad mount transformer and pedestal box pads, primary pull box, and 504LA vault(s) (box pads, vault, and pull box are installed by Contractor, provided by City) for the underground duct system. The general locations of the work are, 1100 Block of West Standley Street, North Barnes Street, and Park Boulevard, and 1200 Block of West Standley Street and Giorno Avenue.

Finley Aquatic Center Spray Ground and Renovation Project

A major upgrade to Finley Aquatic Center including the demolition of the existing wading pool and construction of a new, modern spray ground, new and expanded picnic areas, and upgrades to the pool deck to replace areas in disrepair to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Coffey Park and Fountaingrove Neighborhood Road Disaster Recovery

This project will rehabilitate approximately 33 miles of City residential streets that were damaged as result of debris removal activities in Coffey Park and Fountaingrove neighborhoods following the 2017 Tubbs Fire. Two treatment options are proposed for streets included on this project, 1) mill and fill asphalt replacement and 2) digout repairs with a slurry seal. Treatment type for any given street is dependent on roadway condition.