March 2023

Purchase of Triple Eccentric Metal Seated Butterfly Valves With Manual and Electric Motor Actuators Repost 2

Valley Water is seeking bids from responsive, responsible, and qualified firms (“Bidders” or “Bidders”) to provide the following: In accordance with the Specifications, the Supplier will fabricate, manufacture, assemble, test, store, and deliver the following items: One (1) raw water 84-inch valve assembly consisting of an 84-inch triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve and electric actuator completely assembled One (1) raw water 24-inch valve assembly consisting of a 24-inch triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve and electric actuator completely assembled.

Veterans Memorial Park Tennis and Basketball Court Rehabilitation Project

The work to be completed by the Contractor shall consists, in general, of furnishing all labor, material, and equipment for the rehabilitation work associated with crack sealing, depression filling, asphalt concrete overlay, acrylic surfacing and line painting of one (1) basketball court, two (2) hitting wall courts, two (2) pickleball courts and six (6) tennis courts at Veterans Memorial Park.

City Hall Tile

Remove tile and replace with stamped colored cementReplace all tile with Quarry tileReaching out to the college to see if they can make a custom tile to match with what we have. This would also need a contractor to install Total footage of 900sqft of tile now if the college can make the custom tile 500sqft.

Capital Improvement Project Lower Colgan Creek Restoration Phase 3

The project is located along Colgan Creek in Sonoma County, California and is part of a larger three-phase restoration effort to restore 1.3 miles of stream and riparian habitat. This project is the third and final phase of construction that will restore approximately 2,450 linear feet. Approximate project limits are just upstream from Boron Avenue downstream to Dutton Meadow in southwest Santa Rosa. The City has acquired land parcels adjacent to the creek to increase the channel and riparian area for this phase from ~ 2.4 acres to ~ 6.5 acres.

ADA Self-evaluation and Transition Plan Update

The City of Santa Rosa (City) invites qualified consultants to submit proposals for the development and implementation of a revised and updated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan.

Downtown Security Video Camera Installation

The contractor shall provide materials, equipment, tools, labor, and transportation required to install and cable/network (8) security video cameras at the City of Santa Rosa downtown facilities on First Street, (specific locations described below), in compliance with the requirements specifications contained herein.

Hall of Justice Elevator Modernization Project

This elevator modernization project is located at the Hall of Justice located at 850 Bryant Street in San Francisco. This project includes both a construction contract and a maintenance contract. The construction contract involves the modernization of 2 traction elevators (Elevators 2 & 3) and the full decommissioning of 2 traction elevators (Elevators 4 & 5). The service contract will provide elevator preventative maintenance and service including urgent repairs and emergency service for a period of 3 years with an option to renew annually each year thereafter before the contract expires for up to 5 years (for a maximum total contract duration of 8 years). The elevator service contract will cover 4 existing elevators (Elevators 1, 6, 7 & 8) for the entire duration of the service contract; Elevators 2 & 3 before and after the modernization for the entire duration of the service contract; and Elevator 4 & 5 until they are decommissioned.