December 2022

Ben Lomond Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation

The projects will rehabilitate approximately 15,035 feet of existing 12- to 15-inch diameter corroded non-reinforced concrete pipe (NRCP) and 672 feet of existing 15-inch diameter vitrified clay pipe (VCP) on the Ben Lomond Trunk Sewer and Puddingstone Trunk Sewer Section 2 with cured-in-place pipe liner and sixty-three (63) manholes with a protective coating system. The project location consists of the Cities of Covina, Glendora, La Verne, San Dimas, and the Unincorporated Area of Los Angeles County.

CUPCCAA Solicitation of Trades Professionals and Contractors for Placement on Bidders List of the Oak Park Unified School District

The Oak Park Unified School District seeks trades professionals and contractors to register with the District for work in the following areas:Asphalt Communications Systems, including telephones Concrete Electrical Fencing General Construction General Engineering General Maintenance and Operations Glazing Landscaping Painting Pest Control Plumbing Roofing

CUPCCAA Gutter, Fascia, and Downspout Replacement Project

Remove and replace the existing gutter and downspouts Remove and replace damaged fascia boards that the gutters are anchored to. Prime and paint the replacement pieces to match the existing fascia. Replace the gutters and downspouts with an in‐kind product or an equivalent system. The District representative will decide on equivalency. Paint the Gutters and Downspouts white to match the buildings’ trim

Sanger PD – Feasibility Analysis

The City of Sanger is seeking a Police Department Feasibility Analysis to assist and guide officials in determining the best course of action regarding adding a Police Communication Center. Questions regarding expansion versus separate build to accommodate the new communications center, and costs for the Communication Center need to be answered to determine the best and most efficient course of action to be taken regarding the police facility Feasibility. Once the data is compiled, the City Manager and elected officials can determine which course of action is best for the city based on available funding.

Led Display and Broadcast Lighting Upgrades

The City of Stockton will be upgrading the LED Video Display, Broadcast, Entertainment Lighting, and Event Lighting Systems at the Stockton Arena through the issuance of the following Request for Proposal (RFP) documents.

Smith Canal Sanitary Pump Station Odor Control Unit Replacement

The work includes furnishing and installing a newly activated carbon odor control system, and any necessary ancillary parts needed to connect to the existing pipe, located at the Smith Canal Sanitary Pump Station. The Contractor shall also demolish and dispose of the existing odor control system (P-600 Biofilter), place a 2-inch bonded concrete overlay over the existing concrete pad, and repair the curb along the existing concrete pad.

Silveira Community Center Electrical and HVAC

The purpose of the order of work is to provide a predictable sequence of construction to the community and business owners in or near the project area. Unless unknown conditions arise, that prevent compliance with the order of work and designated project phasing, the order of work shall be followed as outlined. Provide Submittals as indicated herein and in technical specifications.

SBUSD High Speed Internet Services E-rate Funding Year 2023-2024

The Santa Barbara Unified School District (“SBUSD,” “District,” or “Owner”), acting by and through its Governing Board, is seeking competitive proposals for a Districtwide Internet. In addition to issuing this Request For Proposals (RFP) and in conformity with the FCC Schools and Library Division (SLD), “Universal Service Fund” (also known as E-Rate funding), SBUSD will post a Form 470 to seek E-Rate discounts for the services.