BidAmerica DBE Advertisements

(Disadvantaged Business Enterprise)

California Approved Trade and Focus Publication

On February 24, 2021, BidAmerica became an approved California State Trade and Focus Publication.

2 Ways to Advertise DBE Projects

1) Become a BidAmerica Member and get our full service planroom and Unlimited DBE Advertisements! *(Best Option)*

2) Create a BidAmerica DBE Only Account and start publishing for $35 per DBE Advertisement.

Below are some helpful templates and links for fulfilling the Good Faith Effort requirements.

BidAmerica DBE Features

You Have Full Control

View, manage, or delete each of your advertisements in our easy to use personal dashboard.


Search engines and subcontractors will easily find your advertisements through our indexing process.

California State Certified

We are California State Certified as a trade and focus publication by the Department of General Services.

Save Time

Your contact and payment information is pre-loaded each time you create a new advertisement. You can always edit this.

24/7 Service

You can create a DBE advertisement right away with out any approvals or waiting periods.

Live Chat

Use our live chat for any help or questions.