April 2023

Downtown Metrolink Station Waterproofing and Elevator Modernization

This project includes construction to restore the waterproofing system; of the elevator building that houses the elevator system. The efforts will encompass: selective waterproofing of the elevator structure’s primary components such as the glazing system, roof removal and replacement, selective repairs and/or replacements to exterior tiles, stainless steel, and stucco finishes for long-term weather protection and aesthetic improvement; painting of the pedestrian stair tower, and new lights for the machine room and roof soffit. A temporary staging and scaffolding system surrounding the building and tower will be erected and remain throughout restoration/construction and pedestrian pathways will be provided and maintained from the Olive Avenue bridge to the train station below via the stairs tower and east and west Olive Avenue underpass ramps.

Installer, Owner, and Operator of DC Fast Charging Stations

The City of Beverly Hills Public Works Department (City) is seeking proposals from qualified Electric Vehicle Service Providers (Providers) to install, own, operate, and maintain public DC fast charging stations (DCFCs) on City-owned property to meet the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicle charging throughout Beverly Hills.

FAC-GC Edison New Library and Student Service Building – Increment 1

Description of Project shall include but is not limited to Site demolition, cutting and patching of surfaces and other items to match existing, construction of underground utilities and utility stub-outs, rough grading, and associated site work required to prepare the site for the construction of new Research and Innovation Center Building ‘L’.

Elevator Maintenance Services

This Scope of Services includes tasks to be completed to assist the City with the service and maintenance of its existing elevators. Items within this scope include: Preventive Maintenance Program Full coverage parts repair and replacement Load testing Smoke testing 24 Hour telephone service for emergency call service

Lake Isabella Linda Kissack Skate Park

Project Description: The project, in general, consists of the installation of a concrete skatepark, accessible walkways, and parking with an (E) County Park.