January 2023

Centennial Lake Circulation Renovation

Scope of Work: install stormwater quality BMP measures, drain lake, capture and relocate wildlife, clear and grub construction area, temporarily stockpile recyclable materials, excavation, grading, utility installation, utility vault construction, mechanical equipment installation, lake liner construction, lake edge wall construction, lake plumbing installation, lake biofilter construction, lake water quality system features installation, lake fishery features installation, removal & replacement of asphalt concrete pavement and Portland cement concrete, landscaping, irrigation, hardscape, concrete boat ramp, wood boat dock.

Street Sweeping Services

The City of Santa Ana (City) is seeking proposals from qualified contractors (Proposers) to provide street sweeping services for 70,000 annual curb miles of City streets that are swept on a bi-monthly, weekly, or twice-weekly basis. The City is seeking proposals for sweeping services. Contractor shall be required to provide street sweeping service for an additional 400 annual curb miles for special events, parades, and similar events, inclement weather sweeps and roadway hazards. Furthermore, the selected Contractor shall be required to solicit employment opportunities to Santa Ana residents and participate in community events and programs at no additional charge to the City. This contract requires the utilization of alternative-fuel sweepers ONLY, as defined by AQMD Rule 1186.1: an alternative-fuel sweeper means a sweeper with engine(s) that use compressed or liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (propane), methanol, electricity, or fuel cells. Hybrid-electric and dual fuel technologies that use diesel fuel are not considered alternative-fuel technologies for the purposes of Rule 1186.1.

Jamestown Gateway and Main Street Revitalization Project

This request for proposals (RFP) seeks professional design services for the Jamestown Gateway and Main Street Revitalization Project. The project will enhance the accessibility, order, and cultural connection of Jamestown’s historic downtown Main Street. Improvements will include identifying and repairing/replacing damaged sections of the sidewalk, improving sidewalk connections, and improving ADA access. To further protect the sidewalk, nuisance trees will be replaced with new shade trees with additional new trees planted. Various improvements to the public park including ADA enhancements, park furniture, improved landscaping, and wildlife-resistant trash receptacles will make the public space comfortable, accommodating, and accessible. A mural will be installed on a highly visible building on Main Street to beautify the downtown core with local art. Lastly, to provide a welcoming and visually appealing image as residents and visitors travel downtown, the vegetation triangle at the intersection of Main Street and Golden Chain Highway (SR 49/SR 108) will be reimagined. This will include low-maintenance climate-tolerant planting and a gateway sign to welcome visitors into Jamestown.

Water Main Replacement and Street Rehabilitation for Westminster Ave, Orange Grove Ave, and Concord Ave

The City of Alhambra’s Water Main Replacement on Westminster Ave, Orange Grove Ave, and Concord Ave Project will replace approximately 4,700 linear feet of existing water main in Westminster Ave, Orange Grove Ave, and Concord Ave. This project would replace the existing four-inch and six-inch cast iron water mains with new 8” ductile iron pipe water mains. The Project also includes asphalt paving, replacing damaged sidewalk, curb and gutter, and installing new ADA ramps.

1-605 Hot Spot Intersection Improvements at Rosemead Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard – Block Wall

The Project includes, without limitation, furnishing all necessary labor, materials, equipment, and other incidental and appurtenant work necessary to satisfactorily complete the Project, as more specifically described in the Contract Documents. The Contract Documents consist of the Contract, the Notice Inviting Bids, Instructions to Bidders, the Bid Proposal (including documentation accompanying the Bid Proposal and any post-Bid Proposal documentation submitted before the Notice of Award), the Bonds, permits from regulatory agencies with jurisdiction, General Provisions, Special Provisions, Plans, Standard Plans, Standard Specifications.

Southport Levee Trailhead Public Art Project-Rebid

The City of West Sacramento is soliciting proposals from qualified firms or individuals (“Proposers”) to provide a new public art installation as part of the Southport Levee Trailhead Project.

Pressure Reducing Station Replacements – Phase 2

In general, the four station areas are located east of Interstate 5 in Carlsbad, California. The sites are within low-relief hills adjacent to alluvial valleys trending east-west and residential and commercial developments adjacent to major and arterial roads within the city.

Park Road Improvement Project

The City desires to obtain the services of an outside organization to help the City with construction management services for the Park Road Improvement Project, which consists of pavement rehabilitation by Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) and cement treatment, roadway widening, rubberized cape seal, construction of Class IV bicycle lanes, retaining walls, guard rails, fire hydrant relocation, drainage improvements, striping and pavement markings and such other items of work as necessary to complete the project.

Downtown Area Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements Study

The City of Fresno (City), Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is requesting SOQs from qualified engineering consulting firms (Consultants) to provide a study for relocation and capacity improvements to water and wastewater infrastructure in the downtown area bounded by State Routes 41, 180, and 99.