July 2023

County of Santa Barbara Probations Headquarters Building

The Project includes construction of a new, approximately 35,000 square-foot building (“Building”) on the Property, a 1.1-acre site in the Downtown area within the incorporated boundary of the City. The proposed Building would serve as a headquarters office building for the Santa Barbara County Probation Department, whose offices are currently located at 117 East Carrillo Street. The proposed Building would be three stories, raising to four stories facing Garden Street, with a large central courtyard situated in the middle of the Building. The proposed Building height would be 54 feet, 6 inches, and would contain private offices, classrooms, interview rooms, and spaces to support such main functions.

Cachuma Lake RV Site Renewal

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project renovates and reconfigures the existing 450,000 SF Cachuma Lake RV park campground. Contractor shall remove and upgrade all sewer, water and electrical utilities, expand fire suppression infrastructure. Demolish and construct new reinforced concrete RV pads, paving, trash enclosures and a new comfort station (restroom and shower) facility with added solar panels. Contractor shall install a new WiFi system, irrigated landscaping, natural stone bioswales, campground furnishings and recreational amenities.

Adaptive/traffic Responsive Signal Control Project

Description of Work: The work to be done consists of furnishing all necessary labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation, and other incidental and appurtenant work necessary to install the communication infrastructure (fiber optics and communication hubs, etc.) along Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel Boulevard, Del Mar Avenue, Las Tunas Drive and Mission Road Corridors within the City limits; the proposed scope of work also include the installation of new traffic signal controllers, cabinets and battery backup systems, CCTV cameras installation, and the new traffic management center equipment installation.

Wanket Tank Refurbishment and Recycled Water Valve Replacements Project

SEJPA is seeking bids from qualified contractors with demonstrated experience in construction of a recycled water pipeline, Wanket Tank rehabilitation, inlet/outlet valve vault and associated piping, potable makeup water connection, site restoration, and miscellaneous recycled water valve replacements. Please refer to the Request for Proposal for more detail.

General Civil, Electrical & Facilites, Railroad Signals and Trackwork

Scope of Work: Each Job Order issued under the Job Order Contract (JOC) awarded from this solicitation will include a Detailed Scope of Work. The anticipated work for each Job Order may include: Electrical, and railroad work that may consist primarily of, but is not limited to, traffic lights, traffic signalization and synchronization systems, traffic/ rail signal preemption, railroad, & general electrical and communications work, including network communications, fiber optic network installations, Closed Circuit TV, Train to Wayside communications, railroad signal systems, overhead catenary systems, grade crossing warning devices, special trackwork and switch gear wiring, traction power substations and building/facility electrical or security systems.

Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization Project 5 (DMB5)

Project Summary: The Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization 5 (DMB5) is a maintenance of way project, to maintain the existing track and protect it from erosion, seismic events, and wave action. The project site is located along a 1.6-mile portion of the existing NCTD railroad ROW in the City of Del Mar that extends from rail Milepost (MP) 244.1 near Coast Boulevard south to MP 245.7 at Torrey Pines State Beach. Generally, construction will consist of installation of new trackbed stabilization improvements, including installation of up to 180 new CIDH soldier piles, a 5ft deep continuous concrete grade beam between the piles, and tieback anchors.

Park Monument Sign Replacement Program

Project Scope of Work. This project involves the replacement of existing park entry sign as reflected in this project plans. The proposed entry monument sign reflects the park name using aluminum lettering attached to a masonry block wall and supported on a concrete spread footing. The location of the entry monument signs to be replaced will be provided by the City of San Clemente.