Roth Road and Interstate 5 Interchange Project

SCOPE OF WORK The following Scope of Work defines project tasks and assigns each to their respective responsible parties. The Consultant, under the supervision of, and in coordination with the City’s project manager, shall be responsible for the tasks and program/document requirements


Project Description Central San operates a short SRT system (1.2 days) to focus on meeting total suspended solids and carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand regulatory limits (Attachment ANPDES Discharge Limits). Recycled activated sludge (RAS), Primary Effluent (which includes centrate and MHF air pollution control scrubber water) are combined to make mixed liquor. The treatment process has performed well thanks to diligent work from operations and maintenance staff as shown in Attachment B- Select Process Data.


SCOPE OF WORK: Consultant / team include all required professional services needed to evaluate the current mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems at the Sutter County Main Jail and Medium Jails and provide recommendations for system upgrades to meet the operational demands of the facilities. The recommendations shall include expected energy savings, potential utility funding programs and expected annual operational maintenance. At this time, the work will not include the preparation of construction documents for the improvements, but the County reserves the right to amend the contract with the selected consultant. The system evaluations and assessments will be performed along established industry guidelines, professional design standards, construction and environmental requirements, and applicable regulatory codes while incorporating comments from the County.

On-call Construction Management Services

Scope of Services. Consultant shall provide the City with the services generally described in the Scope of Services attached hereto as Attachment A. The specific Services to be provided shall be more particularly described in individual task orders issue by the City as described in Section 4 of this Agreement. The Consultant shall only perform work that is assigned in an authorized Task Order. This Agreement does not guarantee that a Task Order shall be issued.

Completion of the U.s. EPA LCR Water Distribution System Lead Service Line Inventory for the Town of Hillsborough

Scope of Services The Services sought under this RFP are set forth in more detail in Exhibit “A,” attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference. Notwithstanding the inclusion of such Services in Exhibit “A,” the final scope of Services negotiated between Town and the successful Proposer shall be set forth in the Professional Services Agreement (“Agreement”) executed by and between Town and the successful Proposer. A copy of the Agreement is attached hereto as Exhibit “B” and incorporated herein by this reference

Dishwasher Installation at Various Sites Phase I

SCOPE OF WORK: installation or subtrade that has been specifically investigated, DISTRICT may, at its sole discretion, order that all such similar systems, installations, scopes of work or subtrade work used in connection with the Project be tested, and the cost to test all such work shall be paid by the CONTRACTOR.

Landscape Maintenance Of Right-of-Ways

Scope of Work. By submitting a Proposal, the Respondent represents that it is fully qualified and available to provide the work set forth in the Scope of Work (also referred to as “Work” or “Exhibit B”) at the price set forth in its Proposal, and that it agrees to provide the Work if it is awarded the Contract, which will attach and incorporate the applicable Scope of Work.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement Project

Scope of Work: The work to be done consists of, but is not limited to: a) Point (spot) repairs of sanitary sewer line at various location. This work requires coordination with City and private property owners b) CIPP lining (Method “A”) of approximately 873 linear feet of 6-inch and 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer mains. c) Pipe-bursting (Method “B”) of approximately 3,814 linear feet of 6 to 12-inch diameter sanitary sewer mains. d) Traditional Open-trench (Method “C”) replacement of approximately 453 linear feet of 6 to 12-inch diameter sanitary sewer mains. e) Slip lining of approximately 183 linear feet of 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer main f) Construction and rehabilitation of maintenance holes, including excavation and related work.

Berkeley Fire Station Landscape Project

SCOPE OF SERVICES The Contractor shall furnish all labor, material, tools, equipment, transportation, insurance, and other equipment and apparatus to perform all work. The project to be performed is a complete landscape demolition and installation of a model fire safe garden around Fire Station #4 in Berkeley, California. Note that full project plans are included as Attachment J. Work to be performed includes but is not limited to: Removal of current landscape & materials Tree removal, stump grinding, pruning of existing trees, root pruning Landscape preparation including earthworks, plumbing and electrical Purchase and installation of plants and other features called out in the design Installation of a new irrigation system by a licensed irrigator (provide evidence of such licensure) . Grading, backfilling