July 2023

Distributed Drywell Installation Project

Contractor shall furnish labor, materials, equipment, services, and specialized skills to perform work involved in the Project. The Work included in the Bid is defined in accordance with Specifications No. 3920 and Plan Nos. 4-646, and 18-113. The work generally includes Installation of drywells, bioretention, catch basins, local depressions, localized surface grinding and placement of Asphalt Concrete (AC), curb markings, and planting new trees.as shown on the project plans and specifications, Standard Plans for Public Works Construction (SPPWC 2021 Edition), and the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (2021 Edition), including all supplements thereto issued prior to bid opening date

Norton Younglove Senior Center ADA Improvements, Phase II

The work to be done will consist of furnishing all materials, equipment, tools, labor, and incidentals as required by the Plans, Specifications, and contract documents. The general items of work may include permits, clearing, grubbing, grading, construction of concrete curb, gutters, ramps and sidewalks, removal and construction of concrete pavement, removal and construction of concrete gutter, and improvements as required to construct the required improvements and all items not mentioned but indicated in the Plans, Specifications, and the Special Provisions within the Contract Documents.

On-Call Roofing Inspection and Repair Services

The 2018 edition of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction and the 2019 Errata No. 1 to the Standard Specification for Public Works Construction 2018 Edition (collectively the “Greenbook”) is incorporated by this reference. As more specifically described in the Contract Documents, the Project includes furnishing all necessary labor, materials, equipment and other incidental and appurtenant Work to provide oncall roofing inspection and repair services for the Wastewater Division. The not to exceed Contract amount will be $185,000 for a three (3) year period.

BID NO. 23/24-1651 HVAC Replacement at Multiple Sites

The Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, tools, and utility and transportation services, and perform and complete all work required in connection with Bid No. 23/24-1651 HVAC Replacement at Multiple Sites (“Project”) in strict accordance with the Contract Documents enumerated in Article 7 below.

Open Road Tolling (ORT) Project

BATA is seeking a qualified firm (Consultant) to perform A&E services for Independent Cost Estimator (ICE) and Scheduler and to advise Caltrans and BATA on cost-related and schedule issues for the Open Road Tolling (ORT) Project (collectively, the “Project”). BATA owns and operates the toll systems at the state-owned toll bridges, and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) owns and maintains the state-owned toll bridges. In collaboration with Caltrans, BATA will remove the existing toll collection booths and toll canopies and convert the existing All Electronic Toll (AET) system

Alameda County Fire Training Center Project

The Work includes but is not limited to, design, site preparation, and construction of a new fire training facility. The site extends across 3.2 acres within an approximately 5.2-acre Countyowned parcel adjacent to Fire Station 17 on Gleason Drive in Dublin, CA. The new fire-training center will consist of an 8,000-square-foot training building with classrooms, offices, storage, and exercise Centers. In addition, there will be an approximately 5,500 square foot five-story training tower with simulation rooms for smoke and burning scenarios, equipment storage, and a training control room.