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Wanket Tank Refurbishment and Recycled Water Valve Replacements Project

SEJPA is seeking bids from qualified contractors with demonstrated experience in construction of a recycled water pipeline, Wanket Tank rehabilitation, inlet/outlet valve vault and associated piping, potable makeup water connection, site restoration, and miscellaneous recycled water valve replacements. Please refer to the Request for Proposal for more detail.

Project Information

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Bid Date: 09/18/2023 – 2:00 PM
Pre-Bid Mtg: Yes – Non-Mandatory
Pre-Bid Mtg Date: 07/25/2023 – 1:00 PM
Engineer’s Estimate: Not Available

Agency Information

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Agency Project #:#51

Purchasing 760-753-6203 x73

Documents Available

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Bid Date: 09/18/2023 – 2:00 PM

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