April 2023

Provide Bus Shelters in the City of Anaheim

The selected contractor will be granted a fifteen (15) year license agreement (with the potential for five one-year option term extensions) for the exclusive right and duty to design, secure, construct/install, maintain/manage/repair, provide advertisement/revenue, and remove improvements (at the end of the license agreement) at a number (to be negotiated with the City) of high volume bus stop locations throughout the City. The contractor shall also pay a portion of gross advertising revenue to the City. Currently, the City receives fifteen (15%) of gross advertising revenue. The contractor is free to propose alternative revenue package enhancements/options.

Covered Aerated Static Pile Composting Facility at Shafter-wasco Recycling and Sanitary Landfill

The covered aerated static compost system Improvements include construction of 32 bunkers with sidewall, pushwall, aeration trench, and slabs; underground and aboveground piping, water trap and collection sumps, pump station manhole; electrical conduit; site preparation, grading and drainage; pumps, controls, wiring, valves and meters; and associated controls, valves, fittings; construction of bollards.

Mather Airport Fuel Farm Upgrade

: The work to be performed under this contract includes the furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment, and other incidental work for This Project will construct upgrades to the existing Sacramento Mather Airport Fuel Farm, and includes modifications to the mechanical piping, electrical power, and controls systems to support additional jet fuel storage. This Project adds fuel capacity by adding a fourth 50,000-gallon aboveground storage tank, increasing the total net Jet A fuel storage capacity to approximately 160,000 gallons.

City-wide Green Street Project Phase I

The project will construct a 6ft wide vegetated swale that is approximately 2,100ft long on the shoulder located on the West side of the Las Virgenes road. The swale will serve as a pretreatment BMP that will capture and treat surface flows from the street. The swale will slow flow velocities down and allow for gradual infiltration through the soil media.

Simulator Facility Expansion at Travis Air Force Base (AFB), CA

The intent of this Design-Bid-Build (DBB) Construction Contract for B179 Simulator Facility Expansion will add 2,518 SF to B179; providing a steel frame high-bay facility with reinforced concrete foundation and floor slab, structural steel framing, metal frame wall with exterior insulation finish system (EIFS), standing seam metal roof, overhead coiling doors, exterior access, fire detection/protection, an additional air handling unit, chiller, chilled water pumps, and special security enhancements. The addition will allow for the installation of two Boom Operator Trainers (BOT). The project includes site improvements to parking lots and sidewalks.

2020-21 Street Resurfacing

The work includes grinding existing asphalt concrete, paving with new asphalt concrete, performing full-depth reclamation to restore street pavement, reconstruction of curb, gutter, sidewalk, and curb ramps to meet current ADA standards, removal and installation of thermoplastic striping and markings and adjustment of utility manhole frames and covers, and other utility boxes to finished grade and other work as shown on the plans or as specified in the specifications.

Vasona Pedestrian Gates

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) will be soliciting bids for the Vasona Pedestrian Gates Project (Project).

BUILDING: San Jose Municipal Water New Offices (“Project”)

The Project generally involves construction of a new two-story 22,280 sq. ft. administration office building and a new single-story storage building of 6,000 sq. ft. building. The new two-story building is designed to meet a 1.5 seismic factor and the Essential Services Act requirements, including Critical Operation Power Systems (COPS) requirements. Project includes the demolition of the existing buildings, and the construction of a new conununication tower, associated sitework, parking and landscape.

Cuyamaca College State Scheduled Maintenance Bldg. A Roof Replacement

This State Scheduled Maintenance project will completely re-roof Bldgs. 200 and 300, portions of Bldg 100, and replace exterior light fixtures at the Cuyamaca College A Complex. The roofing scope includes a demo of existing roofing, new roofing installation, and new insulation where replacement is needed due to deterioration of existing. In the A Complex all light fixtures mounted on building exteriors, in canopies, and within the entry barrel vault will be replaced with like kind.