May 2023

Annual Street Resurfacing “2023 Slurry Seal”

The Project is more specifically defined in the Contract Documents, but generally includes: furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, transportation, and services necessary to perform the construction and installation of the following: slurry seal, mill and fill, pavement failure repair, removal and disposal of excessive material and debris, oil deposit removal, crack sealing, removal of pavement markings and striping, installation of new pavement markings and striping, traffic control, and other items not specifically mentioned herein, and doing all appurtenant work in place and ready for use, all as shown in the Specifications, Special Provisions, and other Contract Documents entitled as shown above, now on file in the office of the Public Works Director, to which reference is hereby made for further particulars.

Maintenance Services of the Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Facility and Ancillary Equipment, Specification No. SV 23-29

The Maintenance Services of Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Facility and Ancillary Equipment will include the following: 1) preventive maintenance of two (2) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) compressors; 2) regular monitoring and maintenance of the CNG fueling facility; and 3) regular monitoring and maintenance of any and all ancillary equipment. The City prefers that the maintenance services provided by the prospective vendor are manufacturer recommended.

Lerdo Highway Reconstruction Project Valley St – Shafter Ave [ST00036]

The Contractor shall perform all Work within the time stipulated in the Contract, and shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, tools, utility services, and transportation to complete all of the Work required in strict compliance with the Contract Documents as specified below in COMPONENT PARTS OF THE CONTRACT, for the following Project: LERDO HIGHWAY RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT VALLEY ST – SHAFTER AVE [ST00036]

Geotechnical Engineering Consulting Services

The District is seeking qualifications of Consultants that provide various geotechnical and soils engineering consulting services. The anticipated services may include but are not limited to environmental investigation, soil sampling, and testing, preparation of various reports, and inclusion of all applicable CDE guidelines. In addition, each pre‐qualified Consultant is expected to be qualified to perform and/or have experience in the following Supervision of all work by a registered geotechnical engineer and/or a registered engineering geologist. Familiarity and experience with relevant Code and CDE requirements pertaining to the assessment and remediation of geological, soil and seismic conditions that are relevant to school sites in California;

Theater Audio Equipment

Chaffey Joint Union High School District is seeking to obtain Theater Audio Equipment.