Powell Constructors, Inc.

Requesting sub-bids from the following qualified firms: DBE for the following project.

08-1C5704 : Drainage improvement, HMA (miscellaneous area), and erosion control on Rte 15 09-14-23

Project Information

Bid Date: 09/14/2023 - 2:00 PM

DBE Proposal Due Date: 09/14/2023 - 1:30 PM

Owner (Agency): California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Number (Agency): 08-1C5704

County: Riverside

Location: Rte. 15 in riverside in Temecula/Murrieta at various locations

Contact Information

Name: Joe Fadden

Phone: 909-356-8880

Fax: 909-356-1299

Website: Powell Constructors, Inc.

Advertised DBE Scope of Work

Powell Constructors, Inc. is seeking quotes from all qualified subcontractors and suppliers including certified DBE firms. ALL BID ITEMS ARE OPEN FOR BID, including items of work normally performed by Powell Constructors, Inc.LEAD COMPLIANCE, CONSTRUCTION AREA SIGNS, TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEM, PREPARE SWPPP, SWPPP MATERIALS, CONTRACTOR-SUPPLIED BIOLOGIST, TEMPORARY FENCE, ROADWAY EXCAVATION, LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE, IRRIGATION FACILITIES, IRRIGATION MATERIALS, HYDROSEED, COMPOST, INCORPORATE MATERIALS, AGGREGATE BASE, HOT MIX ASPHALT, PLACE HOT MIX ASPHALT, STRUCTURAL CONCRETE HEADWALL, GROSS SOLIDS REMOVAL, MINOR CONCRETE (MINOR STRUCTURE), TRASH NET, BITUMINOUS COATED CORRUGATED STEEL PIPE, CORRUGATED STEEL PIPE INLET, ROCK SLOPE PROTECTION, ROCK SLOPE PROTECTION FABRIC, MISC IRON AND STEEL, DELINEATOR, MARKER, TREATMENT BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICE MARKER, CABLE RAILING, RECONSTRUCT THRIE BEAM BARRIER,MAINTAINING EXISTING TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ELEMENTS DURING CONSTRUCTION, & TRUCKING.Quotations will be broken down into comparable packages as reasonably necessary. Powell Constructors, Inc. will work with interested subcontractors to identify opportunities to break down items into economically feasible packages.Union Signatory, 100% Payment and Performance Bonds from an accepted surety may be required. Powell Constructors, Inc. will reimburse the subcontractor for bond premium up to 2%. Assistance in bonding, insurance, lines of credit or obtaining equipment, supplies, materials, or related assistance or services is available upon request. Subcontractors must possess a current contractor's license and provide General Liability, Auto and Worker's Compensation Insurance meeting the minimum requirements per the specifications. Subcontractors must also be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) pursuant to the Labor Code section 1725.5. Powell Constructors, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages DBE participation.Respectfully, Powell Constructors, Inc.

Where to find the plans & specs?

Caltrans (www.dot.ca.gov) or Powell Constructors Inc on request.