FreePublicWorks has merged with BidAmerica

March 6, 2020

Dear FreePublicWroks Members,

We are proud to announce FreePublicWorks has merged with which recently launched a brand new website with many features!

The BidAmerica Team and I are proud to introduce a new and updated website with many new features to help you find projects. Some of these features include: a new interface, maps, favorites bid results, past projects, scope of work summaries, text search within spec books, project contact information, comment and questions on projects, projects added hourly, online invoices, and recent news articles on what is happening in the construction industry.

(Your current FreePublicWorks username and password remain the same)

We are excited for the new merge and I’m sure you will be too.

It has been a pleasure serving you thus far and we hope the upcoming changes will help you find and win the projects you want. Thank you all for being with us for so long.

Thank you,

FreePublicWorks Team
Phone: 951-677-4819