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Collaborative Design-build Major Projects

PROJECT GOALS (WRF) GSE Construction (DB) and Cal Poly (University) shall engage with the DA/DB Earthwork Subcontractor in a robust goal-setting process at the beginning of the Project. This early work is critical, as all decisions throughout the DB process will be made based on whether they further the realization of project goals: Create a cost-effective budget-neutral design which produces effluent in accordance with regulatory agency permit requirements, while incorporating elements of resiliency and redundancy for this mission-critical facility. Produce an integrated, energy efficient, sustainable design which minimizes operational and maintenance costs over the life of the facility. Life cycle costshall be an important component of design decisions. Create harmonious design elements which fit into the existing context of the campus'-built environment. Construct the Project with an eye toward minimizing impacts to the environment and the campus community, including concerns of odor control.

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Bid Date: 09/15/2023 – 2:00 PM
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Chris Overby

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Bid Date: 09/15/2023 – 2:00 PM

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