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Berths 238-239 Marine Oil Terminal Improvements

The Project consists of the demolition and removal of the existing concrete loading/unloading platforms, catwalks, access ramps, mooring and berthing dolphins at Berths 238 and 239 and the construction of a new loading/unloading platform, access ramp, 2 berthing dolphins, 4 landside mooring dolphins, catwalks, installation of a new fender system at Berth 238 and improvements.

Project Information

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Bid Date: 08/10/2023 – 2:45 PM
Pre-Bid Mtg: None
Pre-Bid Mtg Date: None
Engineer’s Est. Min: $20000000
Engineer’s Est. Max: $25000000

Agency Information

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Agency Project #:2792

Amir Zavichi (310) 732-0307

Documents Available

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Bid Date: 08/10/2023 – 2:45 PM

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