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CUPCCAA Notice Inviting Interested Contractors for the 2023 Informal Bid List

South Orange County Community College District (“District”) invites all licensed contractors to submit the name of their firm to the District for inclusion on the District’s 2023 Calendar Year list of qualified bidders for the District’s informally bid projects (“Qualified Bidders List”) under the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (“CUPCCAA”). Per California Public Contract Code 22032, any Public Works project that is estimated to be below $200,000 is subject to the Informal Bidding Procedures set forth by the State of California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission. Contractors that are interested in being on the Informal Bidding Contractors list are required to have a current license and are subject to verification through the Contractors State License Board.

Project Information

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Bid Date: 08/01/2023 – 8:00 AM
Pre-Bid Mtg: None
Pre-Bid Mtg Date: None
Engineer’s Estimate: Not Available

Agency Information

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Agency Project #: n/a

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Bid Date: 08/01/2023 – 8:00 AM

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