Improvement Log

Hi BidAmerica,

Below are the changes and improvements we are making to the website. If you have a request please reach out to us by clicking on the chat icon and selecting New Feature/Service Request.

Request: The favorite list would be better if I could get updates based on the projects I favorited, and also I would like the list to show the Bid Date.

Completed: Customers can now follow the projects they want and get real time updates when we add files or change the project’s information. You can manage all of the projects you are following by going under the projects menu tab and clicking on Following List.

Request: The Post titles are hard to read as most of them are all capitalized. Could you reduce them to normal fonts.

Completed: We reduced all fonts to normal lettering.

Request: The email doesn’t have the list of jobs the way free public works did. I need to click on a link and the list that pops up is not filtered by SoCal vs NoCal.

Completed: Our members can now filter by Counties N & S on the New Project and Updated Project Table

Request: Old version, if I previously looked at the project and I clicked on it again, the previous items I had clicked on are highlighted differently that items I didn’t look at.  This is time saving because it tells me that I have previously looked at the project and I can by pass it and not look again.

Completed: On each Table and Archive list our members will now see if they have already clicked on a project before. Just like google searches once a link has been clicked, the entire link will change from a blue color to a purple color.

Request: Is there a way to show the marker when I click on the project location?

Completed: We added a google map’s box on each project page which allows our members to see where the project is located on a small map. Additionally, by clicking “view larger map” our members can now see the project location marker on a full google map’s window.

Request: Every project table you guys have can get confusing on which one to use. Could you help me by explaining what each table does and shows?

Completed: We created a page to help our members understand where to find projects and what each table does. Click Here to view the page.

Request: Where to I find Bid Results?

Completed: On the Past Bid Table we added in red a filter to search for projects with bid results.

Also here is a shortcut to view all the projects we have bid results for: Here

Request: Please add a way to know what counties are northern and southern by easily seeing n or s.

Completed: N & S are added next to each county group on all tables.

Request: Bid date filter on the past bid table does not include the day selected.


Completed: When selecting the bid date filter on the Past Bid Table, the date will now show the date you selected and every date prior.


Request: There is an issue when I click on a plan or spec. It seems that only the first page shows and then the rest of the document pages are missing.

Completed: The downloadable project files will now instantly download to your computer instead of opening in a new tab. This will eliminate any issues with the open in new tab preview screen.

Request: The table filters are not showing anything I type inside the search boxes. I am using Windows Explorer.

Completed: Due to errors with the general theme of the website, Internet Explorer was having issues. We changed the theme of the website and the issue was immediately fixed. Website will work for all major browsers.

Request: The Website seems to be confusing in areas and with navigation. Please change to make navigation of pages easier.

Completed: Added a new theme as well as removed excessive buttons. Now it is clear what page you are on by the page title and is easy to see other pages to click on. 2020-03-16

Request: Don’t like this new daily notification email. Really liked the other version and being able to scroll down and see new jobs that have posted and be able to pick and choose which ones I wanted to look at.  Now I have to go to the website and do all this extra stuff which is not time effective.

Alt Solved: We will continue with the new system where customers will have to login in order to see project information for security reasons.

This new email system allowed us to provide maps and project location filters to help customers find projects in their area, the BidAmerica team will continue with our current email system and release new features such as county filtering.

Future developments will be made.

Request: Can we get a map just like the Active Bid table where I can see where the new projects are located on the Daily Email New Project Table?

Completed: We added a map with a “show on map” button on the New Project Table for our Daily Emails. Now you can see where the new projects are located.

Request: Old version had a “Print Friendly Page”.  I don’t see this on the new version.

Completed: On the upper right corner while looking at a project, you will see a print friendly button.

Request: Old version if you clicked on a project, everything was right there on the screen, now you have to scroll down to get all of the information. Sure the new page looks fancy, but it is inconvenient when you are busy and you have to do this for every project that you might want to get information on.

Completion: We changed the look of all projects. Important information and files can now be view on one page.


Request: The date filters on the Active Bid Table do not function. Additionally, the look is a bit confusing.

Completed: The date filters are now changed where customers only need to select one date and will then include the dates either prior or afterwards depending on the table. The look is changed with more discrete buttons for searching and resetting the table.


Request: The old website had Bano ID.

Completed: We no longer are using Bano ID, but rather we are using “Post ID”. You are able to search and find projects using this ID or the Project Name.