Granite Construction Company

Requesting sub-bids from the following qualified firms: DBE for the following project.

Hwy 82 Cold plane AC, RHMA, slab Repl, curb ramps, and Mod Elect systems, in Santa Clara County from Knickerbocker Dr in Sunnyvale to the Palo Alto County line.

Project Information

Bid Date: 06/08/2023 - 2:00 PM

DBE Proposal Due Date: 06/08/2023 - 11:00 AM

Owner (Agency): Caltrans

Number (Agency): 04-4J89U4

County: San Francisco / Marin / San Mateo / Contra Costa / Alameda

Location: West Knickerbocker Drive, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Contact Information

Name: Teresa Rothney

Phone: 408-327-7013

Fax: 408-327-7090


Advertised DBE Scope of Work

Granite Construction Company (Granite) is requesting quotes from all qualified subcontractors and suppliers including certified DBE firms for the following items of work, including but not limited to: Lead Compliance Plan; Construction Area Signs; Traffic Control System; Portable Radar Speed Feedback Sign System Day ; Temporary Pedestrian Access Route; Portable Changeable Message Sign ; Temporary Cover ; Temporary Drainage Inlet Protection ; Temporary Fiber Roll ; Street Sweeping ; Temporary Concrete Washout ; Treated Wood Waste ; Noise Monitoring ; Remove Concrete (Cy) ; Temporary Tree Protection ; Clearing And Grubbing (Ls) ; Roadway Excavation ; Soil Densification (High Density Polyurethane) ; Roadside Clearing ; Tree Grate ; Class 2 Aggregate Base (Cy) ; Base Bond Breaker ; Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A) ; Stamped Asphalt Crosswalk ; Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt (Gap Graded) ; Tack Coat ; Cold Plane Asphalt Concrete Pavement ; Drill And Bond (Dowel Bar) ; Spall Repair (Polyester Concrete) ; Individual Slab Replacement (Rsc) ; Grind Existing Concrete Pavement ; Structural Concrete, Drainage Inlet ; Pedestrian Barricade ; 12" Reinforced Concrete Pipe ; Detectable Warning Surface ; Minor Concrete (Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk And Driveway) ; Pre/Post Construction Surveys ; Miscellaneous Iron And Steel ; Paint Curb ; Delineator (Class 1) ; Pavement Marker (Retroreflective) ; Object Marker (Type K-1) ; Reset Roadside Sign (Metal Post) ; Furnish Sheet Aluminum Sign ; Roadside Sign ; Striping And Marking; Maintaining Existing Traffic Management System Elements During Construction ; Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Systems ; Modifying Lighting Systems ; Modifying Signal And Lighting Systems ; Modifying Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Systems ; Modifying Interconnection Conduit And Cable; Trucking; Water Trucks

Where to find the plans & specs?

Plans and specifications are available at Caltrans
If you have any questions, please contact Nisha Matekar Ramprasad at 408-327-7039 or email at

All quotes should be sent via fax to 408-327-7090 or
Firms must possess & provide current contractor’s license number & DIR Registration number on the quote. No Contractor or Subcontractor shall be qualified to bid on, be listed in a bid proposal or engage in the performance of any contract for public work, unless currently registered to perform public work with the Dept of Industrial Relations
Granite Construction Company (Granite) is signatory to Operating Engineers, Laborers, Teamsters, Cement Masons and Carpenters unions. 100% performance and payment bonds may be required for the full amount of subcontract price. Granite will pay for bond premium up to 1.5%. The US Small Business Administration may also assist you in obtaining bonding - please see the following site for information:
California Access to Capital Program Financing Solutions for your small business!
Subcontractors must possess a current contractor’s license, insurance and worker’s compensation coverage meeting.
All quotes are subject to the terms of Granite Construction Company’s applicable standard form agreement which is available through the following link: .
Please call if you need assistance in obtaining bonding, insurance, equipment, materials and/or supplies. Granite intends to work cooperatively with all qualified firms seeking work on this project.
Portions of work can be made available upon request prior to bid date. Please call if any assistance is needed.
An Equal Opportunity Employer