Ramos Park Improvements

The work of this contract comprises the Ramos Park Improvements Project, CIP Number PG‐ 14000, Located in the City of Palo Alto. Work under this contract includes, but is not limited to: Playground equipment replacement, playground rubber surfacing installation and replacement of site furnishings.

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems Inspection, Testing and Repair Services

The City of Palo Alto is requesting a bid to provide Quarterly, Annual, & Five-Year inspection, testing, and repair services on all its automatic fire extinguishing systems in City facilities. This contract will be for three years: Year One: June 1, 2023, to May 30, 2024 Year Two: June 1, 2024 to May 30, 2025 Year Three: June 1, 2025 to May 30, 2026


The goals of the project are to improve HVAC system energy efficiency, safety, or performance and complete all services mandated by the CalSHAPE Ventilation Program Guidelines (Attachment B) for current and future approved funding applications. While this RFQ/RFP focuses on the above services, the firms selected may, at the sole discretion of the District, be engaged in other projects as designated by the District.