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Dibble Creek Fire Station Roof Project

Provide temporary services and facilities which will enable construction processes, and will accommodate other necessary activities at the project site. Providing adequate general services is the Contractor's sole responsibility, and is not limited to the minimums established by the requirements hereof. Except as otherwise indicated, the use of alternative general services equivalent to those specified is the Contractor's option, subject to the Project Manager's acceptance.

Project Information

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Bid Date: 06/13/2023 – 3:00 PM
Pre-Bid Mtg: Yes – Mandatory
Pre-Bid Mtg Date: 05/31/2023 – 10:00 AM
Engineer’s Est. Min: $40000
Engineer’s Est. Max: $40000

Agency Information

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Agency Project #: n/a

(770) 209-3396

Documents Available

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Bid Date: 06/13/2023 – 3:00 PM

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