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Bid #B23191121019 Granite Regional Park Playground

The work to be performed under these Special Provisions consists of park improvements at Granite Regional Park in Sacramento. The improvements will consist of installation of temporary construction fencing, construction staking, site grading, drainage, concrete curb, flatwork, mow strips, playground equipment installation, engineer wood fiber surfacing, a 35’ x 45’ shade canopy, site furniture, playground inspection services, coordinating building permit inspections for shade canopy, irrigation modifications, bark mulch and tree planting.

Project Information

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Bid Date: 10/04/2023 – 2:00 PM
Pre-Bid Mtg: None
Pre-Bid Mtg Date: None
Engineer’s Est. Min: $251852
Engineer’s Est. Max: $251852

Agency Information

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Agency Project #:B23191121019


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Bid Date: 10/04/2023 – 2:00 PM

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