Entered: 05/19/2020
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Bid Date: 06/11/2020 – 2:00 PM
Pre-Bid Mtg: Yes – Non-Mandatory
Pre-Bid Mtg Date: 05/20/2020 – 2:00 PM
Engineer’s Est: We requested the engineer’s estimate from the agency on 05/20/2020. Follow this project to receive further updates.

Agency Contact & Notes

Agency Project #: n/a

Alicia Johnson Procurement Analyst
(909) 884-8276
responses to the questions received by the date and time identified herein, including SBCTA’s answers will be posted on the Vendor Portal on SBCTA’s website at www.gosbcta.com

Project Summary

The project objectives are to implement improvements that will enhance traffic operations and reduce existing traffic congestion on Cedar Avenue, especially at the ramp intersections. The proposed project improvements will include widening the existing Cedar Avenue overcrossing (OC) from 6 to 9 lanes, replacing the Union Pacific Railroad overhead (OH), widening Cedar Avenue from 4 to 6 through lanes, and realigning and/or widening the interchange entrance and exit ramps. On Cedar Avenue, the project limits extend from Bloomington Avenue on the north to Slover Avenue on the south. The project limits on I10 begin at 0.7 miles (PM 17.8) west of the Cedar Avenue centerline and end at 0.8 miles (PM 19.3) east of the Cedar Avenue centerline, including eastbound auxiliary lanes for the entrance and exit ramps. In addition, Slover Avenue will be improved approximately 656 feet east and west of the centerline of Cedar Avenue. Specific construction elements of the project improvements include the following features: Widen Cedar Avenue between Bloomington Avenue and Orange Street from 4 to 6 through lanes; adding right turn lanes and vehicle storage for left turn lanes into the interchange entrance ramps; and adding bike lanes or shoulders on Cedar Avenue. All the interchange ramps will be realigned towards the gore areas to allow spaces for future widening of the I-10 Express lanes project. The eastbound exit ramp will be widened from 2 to 3 lanes; and the westbound exit ramp will be widened from 2 to 4 lanes at the ramp termini respectively. Widen the I-10/Cedar OC to the east of the existing OC structure from 6 to 9 lanes minimum. Replace the existing 3-span Cedar/Railroad OH with a single-span structure over the 6-track railroad. The new OH will be wider (to the east of existing OH structure) and slightly elevated to accommodate the deeper OH structure.


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