September 2023

Ps1 Improvement and Modernization

SUMMARY OF WORK: The City is seeking to acquire Design-Build services for a Design-Build project to upgrade the mechanical screens, rehabilitate wet well #1 & #2, replacement of all six (6) pumps and rotating assemblies; replacement of the motors to work with the associated VFD’s, replacement of the existing motor starters and liquid rheostats with variable frequency drives (VFD), replacement of all suction pipes, replacement of the six (6) 48″ suction gate valves, replacement of the six (6) 36″ discharge gate valves, replacement of the existing 30″ cone valve system, removal of the existing venturi flow meters and replacement with new modern flow meters on new discharge piping.

Horizontal Concrete Cutting Services PW-24-11-SB

SCOPE OF WORK The City of Fontana, Public Works Department, requests bids for Horizontal Concrete Cutting Services to mitigate height differentials throughout the City’s Public right of way. The City estimates a frequency; monthly, approximately 25-100 locations. An annual estimate of 900-1,000 locations per year and approximately 4200 lineal feet of horizontal cutting per year. Locations of any horizontal cutting could be singular or multiple in close proximity or they may be miles apart. There will be no mobilization unit of cost measure.

San Sevaine Trail – Phase 1, Segment 2 – Federal I.D. NO. CRPL-5307(036)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The City of Fontana is the lead Agency for the San Sevaine Trail Project that will construct a 1.25-mile Class I Multi-User (Bicycle and Pedestrian) path, hereby referred to as San Sevaine Trail (SST). The SST runs parallel and along the westerly side of the East Etiwanda Creek/San Sevaine Channel. The project will be constructed within San Bernardino County Flood Control District (SBCFCD) and Caltrans Right of Way, in the City of Fontana and City of Rancho Cucamonga. The project will utilize portions of the existing SBCFCD maintenance roads along the channel, which will be striped and signed for an approximate 12-foot-wide, asphalt concrete paved multi use path.

Pilot Security Camera System Upgrade for Pasadena High School and John Muir High School

The Pasadena Unified School District (hereinafter “District”) is requesting a qualified vendor to remove outdated cameras and replace them with modern IP security cameras. A vendor is to install Security Cameras with characteristics and capabilities that meet or exceed the District functional and technical requirements set forth within this document. The district wishes to provide a safe environment for the employees, visitors and persons served.

City Hall Council Chambers Remodel – Project NO. CH-09-01

The project to be constructed consists of remodeling Council Chambers including asbestos abatement, demolition, improvements to layout and ADA access, audiovisual, lighting, HVAC, electrical, finishes, furnishings, and related work

Professional Services for Building Department Plan Review and Inspections Services

The scope of work for plan review services shall consist of providing plan check and examination of building plans and documents based on County and State regulations for building plans submitted to the County for a building permit as follows: Provide plan check services and rechecks which result in comments being provided to the client and Tuolumne County within turn-around times of no more than: Ten (10) working days for initial reviews for all plans, Five (5) working days for rechecks of all plans and expedited plan reviews.

West Sacramento Levee Improvement Program for Right of Way Services

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (WSAFCA) is working with the Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) acting through the State of California, Department of Water Resources (DWR), and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to investigate, design, and rehabilitate levees that protect the city of West Sacramento under the federal West Sacramento Project (WSP). WSAFCA and the CVFPB are the Non-Federal Sponsors to the WSP and therefore, responsible for the temporary and permanent property rights and utility and personal relocations needed for the WSP.

Westward Beach Road Shoulder Repair Specification No. 2070

SCOPE OF WORK In general, the proposed improvements consist of asphalt road reconstruction repair of the eastbound shoulder of Westward Beach Road including sawcut, base and asphalt reconstruction, and all appurtenant work, included and shown in the Contract Documents and Specifications.