September 2023

City of Lake Elsinore Standard Agreement for Professional Services On-call

Scope of Services. Contractor shall perform the services and related work described in Contractor’s Proposal (Exhibit A). Contractor shall provide such services and related work at the time, place, and in the manner specified in Contractor’s Proposal (Exhibit A), subject to the direction of the City through its staff that it may provide from time to time. Contractor acknowledges that the Scope of Services provides for 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-aweek, on-call and minor construction support on an as needed basis.

FY23-24 Sewer CIPP Rehabilitation

Description: The scope of work includes the rehabilitation of approximately 6,479 linear feet of sanitary sewer main, the rehabilitation of approximately 95 linear feet of sanitary sewer manhole, and rechanneling of existing manhole base. Sewer main rehabilitation work includes but is not limited to: CCTV, cleaning and lining of sanitary sewer main mains with cured in place pipe (CIPP), disposal of existing liner, service reconnection, abandonment in place of existing sewer main, traffic contro~ and sewage bypass. Sewer manhole rehabilitation work includes but is not limited to: cleaning, grout injection, lining of sanitary sewer manhole, re-channeling of sewer manhole base, testing and replacement of manhole frames and covers.


The work, in general, consists of sawcut and remove existing asphalt concrete; sawcut and
remove existing minor concrete; milling; overlay; grading and placing asphalt concrete
surfacing; construct curb and gutter; construct spadrell and/or cross gutter; construct ADA
ramp; place detecable warning surface; construct concrete sidewalk; construct retaining curb;
construct grouted rock; reset roadside sign; adjust to grade existing water valve; paint traffic
stripe and pavement markings; construct hydrant pad; paint red curb and doing other work
appurtenant thereto.


GENERAL SCOPE OF WORK Contractor shall provide all materials, labor, equipment, and undertake all efforts necessary or appropriate to construct the Project in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents, all governmental approvals, all Applicable Law, and all other applicable safety, environmental and other requirements taking into account the constraints affecting the Project Site. Except as otherwise specifically provided in this Contract, all materials, services and efforts necessary to achieve Final Completion of the Project and elements thereof on or before the deadlines provided in the Contract Documents shall be Contractor’s sole responsibility. The costs of all such materials, services and efforts are included in the Contract Sum.

10071 – Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment FY 2022-2023 Package I

Description of Work: The Project generally involves cleaning and the assessment of the condition of 8,500 linear feet of 33-inch to 42-inch diameter sanitary sewer mains in miscellaneous areas within Council Districts 9. All CCTV inspections will be conducted in accordance with NASSCO’s Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP)

Urban Pavement Preservation – Phase F Part 2

Scope of Services Stanislaus County Public Works is now accepting bids for the Urban Pavement Preservation – Phase F Part 2. The total estimated construction cost for this project is approximately $3,205,000.00. The work to be accomplished includes pavement rehabilitation of the streets within the communities of Modesto and the Beard Industrial Area.


Project Description: The project would reconstruct and rehabilitate Fulton Road between Guerneville Road, in the south, and Piner Road, in the north, to a four-lane Regional/Arterial Street, as envisioned in the Santa Rosa General Plan. As an overview, the project will provide additional vehicular travel lanes, bikes lanes, curbs and gutters, sidewalks with landscaped strips, on street parking and a landscaped center median. The project site currently supports 10.23 acres of developed lands, including roadways, sidewalks and driveways. The City of Santa Rosa proposes to reconstruct Fulton Road to create a four-lane regional/arterial street. The reconstructed roadway segment would consist of two travel lanes in each direction, Class II bike lanes, landscaped medians, storm drain treatment facilities, curb, gutter, and sidewalk

Finley Community Center Floor Replacement

4 SCOPE OF WORK 4-1.05 Changes and Extra Work: All changes to the Contract shall be made by written change order only. All extra work shall be recorded by Contractor on a daily report signed by both the City and Contractor. The “daily reports” shall thereafter be considered the true record of extra work performed. A copy of the daily reports will be furnished to Contractor. Contractor is directed to Section 9-1.04 of these special provisions.