Month: August 2022

Indio Downtown District Sewer Improvement Project

The Project work includes furnishing all materials, tools, labor, and incidentals as required by the Specifications and Contract Documents for the abovestated project. The general items of work to be done hereunder consist of mobilization, traffic control, installation of liner in existing sewer mains, re-establishment of sewer laterals, manhole rehabilitation, sewer bypass, and other incidental items of work.

Sewer Lining Project Phase 1

The work consists of the rehabilitation of sewer main segments with a CuredIn- Place Pipe (CIPP) in the City of South Gate. The segments to be rehabilitated include 270 feet of l 0-inch vitrified clay pipe in California Avenue south of Tweedy Boulevard; and 640 feet of 10-inch concrete pipe in the alley north of Abbot Road, between Orange A venue and Rosewood A venue. Also, includes relining of six sewer manholes connected to the above segments as optional work. All work to be done per the Plans and Specifications.

Temporary Fire Station 7 Site and Building Electrical Work

Work includes installation of rigid conduit and conductors securely affixed to the temporary apparatus room (Sprung Instant Structure); installation of lighting fixtures and required bracing; cord reels; Transformer T-PB1; Panel PB1; conduit and conductors from PB1 to T-PB1; fused disconnects for motorized apparatus bay doors; and all other conduits, conductors, pull boxes, outlets, switches, controllers, and appurtenances within the temp apparatus room as shown on the attached plans. The contract unit price paid for this bid item shall constitute full compensation to provide and install all electrical infrastructure and equipment not within the temporary apparatus room (Sprung Instant Structure) as shown on the attached plans. Work includes pulling conductors through the existing conduit from the existing main service switchboard to the city-supplied ATS-1; trenching and installation of conduits and conductors from the existing conduit termination point to the contractor-installed ATS-1; installation and mounting of conduits and conductors necessary to serve T-TR1 and T-TR2; Service disconnects.

LA Media Road Improvements

This is the City of San Diego’s (City) solicitation process to acquire Construction services for La Media Road Improvements

Refinish Epoxy Flooring, Painted Ceilings & Walls Project

The Antelope Valley Transit Authority, located in Lancaster, CA, is refurbishing an existing bus maintenance building. The project involves painting and re-flooring selected areas the maintenance bays and other rooms encompassing approximately 24,000 sq. feet of floor space and is located at 42210 6th ST W, Lancaster, CA 93534. AVTA is implementing an approach that integrates professionalism and craftsmanship into a process that brings together a group’s expertise, creativity, and insight, which maximizes efficiencies through a process that optimizes results at the best possible value.

Old Schoolhouse Museum Barn & Site Improvements Project

The scope will include the removal of the existing parking lot, asphalt paving, landscaping, irrigation, fencing, and site amenities. Construction of a new barn, parking lot, concrete paving, asphalt paving, concrete curbs and gutters, accessible parking ramps, and stalls, accessibility improvements, walkways, drinking fountain, bike racks, block wall, fencing, site amenities, landscaping, and irrigation.

Mandalay Bay Bridge No. 52c0108, and Edison Canal Bridge No. 52c0095, Located on Channel Islands Boulevard

The Project includes furnishing all necessary labor, materials, equipment, and other incidental and appurtenant Work to complete the rehabilitation of the Channel Islands Boulevard Bridge (Bridge No. 52C-0108 Mandalay Bay – Federal Project # BHLS-5129(069) and Edison Canal Channel Bridge (Bridge No. 52C-0095 Edison Canal – Federal Project # BHLS-5129(070). Work will include milling the concrete deck, filling cracks, coating the bridge deck with a concrete overlay, spall repair, replacement of joint seals at hinges, and repainting the bridge railing. Replace concrete barrier and sidewalk with new combination sidewalk/barrier and tubular hand railing. Construct structural concrete approaches slabs and remove and replace transition curb, gutter, and sidewalk Work also includes adding lost riprap slope protection, manhole cover adjustment, concrete rail repair and restriping pavement markings.