Month: June 2022

Final Closure Of the Hot Spa Solid Waste Site

The work to be done by the Contractor shall include furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, power, and water for the construction of the Final Closure of the Hot Spa Solid Waste Site and all associated work represented on the Final Closure/Post Closure Maintenance Plan (as it relates to closure activities only), the Contract Drawings, and in conformance with these Special Provisions. Closure of the landfill will generally consist of the following: site clearing/demolition, waste relocation, soil excavation, well extension, engineered fill placement and compaction, application of soil binder, borrow area regrading and installation of stormwater management features. A Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) shall be developed, implemented and maintained during construction activities. Closure will consist of relocation of waste to provide for final cover grades. Waste excavated from these areas will be relocated to an identified area on the top deck and placed to promote positive drainage and limit cover soil import. The approximate volume of waste material that will be relocated is estimated to be 260 cubic yards (CY). Any waste encountered during cover grading will be relocated to the top deck of the landfill and covered daily with either 6-inches of daily cover or tarps, as approved. Following conclusion of waste relocation, intermediate cover consisting of 1-foot (ft) of intermediate cover material will be placed and compacted above the exposed and relocated waste. Excavation and foundation layer and/or engineered fill will be placed to meet the foundation layer grades shown in the construction drawings. Engineered fill and foundation layer will be obtained from excavation within the grading area or from the on-site borrow area.

CUPCCAA Notice Inviting All Licensed Contractors to Register on the Ventura County Community College District Bidders List

In November of each year, participating districts place an ad in various construction trade journals inviting all
licensed contractors to submit the name of their firm to the district for inclusion on the district’s list of qualified
bidders for the following calendar year. The VENTURA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT has
completed all the necessary requirements to participate in this alternative bidding process and solicits your firm to
Contractors interested in placement on the 2022 Bidding Contractors List are required to be registered with the
State of California Department of Industrial Relations and have a current license, both of which are subject to
verification through the State of California Department of Industrial Relations and the Contractors State License